What should I get my wife for her birthday?

Posted on Thursday September 20, 2018

Coming up with an idea for the perfect gift is never an easy task. And when it comes to finding one for the woman you love most, it’s almost impossible! To get her a gift she’ll really appreciate, you need something unique and commemorative to surpass her every expectation. Here, our top gift ideas we know she’ll love.

  1. A night on the town. What did you do for fun back in the days when you were courting each other? Reminisce those times by going out on a date! We’re not taking about the typical dinner and a movie kind of date. Instead, why don’t you go out on the town and do something that you wouldn’t normally do. Go ice-skating, stroll through a market or have a picnic under the stars. And if you really are hankering for a movie, check out the drive-in!
  2. Flowers. This may not sound like the most original idea ever, and it’s not…if you do it the way everyone else does. Instead of a typical bouquet, why not commemorate the occasion by choosing her favourite flower or one that has meaning to the two of you and filling her room with them from top to bottom. Or do the same with balloons (make sure to choose her favourite colour).
  3. Something personalized. A personalized gift is one of the best ways to show that you care. You didn’t just walk into a store the day before her birthday to buy the first thing you saw—you actually put some thought into it! Mugs and T-shirts are always a safe bet, but why not try creating some personalized jewelry? Mix and match her birthstone or element with other pendants and coins. It’s quick, easy and the final product is to die for.
  4. Tickets to a show. This classic gift never goes out of style. Tailor it to her liking by choosing the sport or musician she likes best. And don’t just hand over the tickets in a card. Ask a police officer friend to give her a speeding “ticket” or make it a last-minute surprise so she doesn’t know where she’s going until the day of the show. You could even create a scavenger hunt out of it to make figuring it out even more fun.
  5. A home cooked meal. You take her out for dinner all the time, but when was the last time you actually cooked a meal for her with love? It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but getting the recipe for one of her favourite dishes and attempting to create it yourself from scratch shows you really care.
  6. Jewelry. No matter what your wife’s style, these timeless natural stones and crystals are sure to complement it. Use amethyst, black onyx, rose quartz and more in a bracelet, necklace or earrings. Better yet, get her all three!
  7. A birthday party. Plan everything—from the decorations to the food to the entertainment—based on her taste. If she likes going out, invite a slew of friends and family to the hottest new place in town. If she’s more of a homebody, go for a smaller, simpler celebration. Whether you make it a surprise or not is up to you!
  8. A romantic getaway. You don’t have to buy tickets to Paris to go on a romantic getaway with your wife. Any secluded spot where you can be alone for even a few hours will make her smile. Get a partner massage at a spa, rent a cabin for a weekend, find a nearby wine tour, take a day trip to a neighboring town or even plan a shopping spree in your own city.
  9. Be creative. Making something yourself is always the most special gift of all. Just make sure it comes from the heart. Whether it’s a scrapbook filled with old photos, a jar packed with love notes, a poem or song you’ve written yourself, or some custom jewelry made with her astrological sign, she’ll feel like a queen when she sees it.
  10. Learn to do something she loves. A native tongue, an instrument, a dance style, an art or craft, the list is endless. Take an online class, sign up for a college night school course, find a private tutor or just teach yourself the new skill on your own. As long as you choose something she loves, she’ll love you for trying to do it with her.
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